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    varsity’s 20×20 burger stack challenge is served on a skateboard

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    In Perth, Western Australia at Varsity Innaloo to take on their brand new 20×20 Burger Stack Challenge. Brave (and insanely hungry) eaters have just 1 hour to finish a burger piled high with TWENTY all-beef patties, cheese, and sauce. The burger is served with 1kg of chicken wings, a 1kg serving of loaded fries, and a pint sized milkshake. Winners earn their $100 AUD meal for free, a groovy t-shirt, the skateboard the meal is served on, and their name and photo up on Varsity’s Wall of Fame!
    Filmed March 28, 2023
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    I’m a 5’2 former women’s physique bodybuilder on a mission to sample delicious foods from around the world! I tackle restaurant challenges, sample new food menus, and explore the unique eats in various cities. To balance out the calorie intake of weekly food challenges, I continue to pursue my love of fitness through extreme athletic adventures such as ultra-running and biking. I hope you’ll join me at my table!

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