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    trying to beat an all you can eat chicken wing record vs. a normal human | beardmeatsfood

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    Tonight’s episode is a bit different, in that I had it filmed by a crew and edited by a production house, just for a bit of fun…so it might feel a bit unfamiliar, but I hope you enjoy it nonetheless…

    This one is by popular request, since I’m frequently asked to have a bash at Brew Dog’s unlimited wings record, but I thought for the few fans of the @BreakingBeardPod I’d invite co-host and average eater Josh along for the purposes of scientific comparison…

    Brew Dog runs an all-you-can-eat wing night every Wednesday and are one of the few places out there that actually maintain a leaderboard for most wings eaten at each of their locations. If you can crack the house record you get a t-shirt and bragging rights, so I thought I’d drop £11 and chance my arm!

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