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    monster donut challenge! biggest doughnut in europe!!

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    MONSTER DONUT!! The BIGGEST in Europe!!! Can I get the NEW record??

    BIG thanks to @stefan-isst-anders for helping us with this challenge!

    My 7th challenge in 6 days…

    The LAST challenge on tour with @Josh-The-Goat

    This has been taken on by lots of pros, @RandySantel @KatinaEatsKilos @LeahShutkever @Beardmeatsfood

    Record time was 21.24 by the Queen of Competitive eating Leah Shutkever

    TIME PREDICTIONS!? Let me know below!


    14” Doughnut covered in Chocolate Frosting with:
    – Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups,
    – Ferrero Rocher,
    – Bueno,
    – Oreo Cookies,
    – Biscoff Crumb,
    – Peanut Nibs,

    Filled with over a pound of Nutella & Biscoff Spread

    Topped off with Peanut Butter Drizzles

    Seriously, one of the biggest sugar rushes EVER!!!

    Could we finish it in 40 minutes??

    WATCH NOW ⭐ Max vs Food ⭐ on YouTube


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