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    kc finn’s big ass burger challenge was undefeated in jackson, tennessee!!

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    Randy Santel

    Welcome to Randy Santel’s YouTube Channel!!

    I am a professional eater living in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, originally from St Louis, Missouri in the USA who focuses strictly on winning and promoting restaurant food challenges all around the world!! I currently have wins in all 50 states and 40 countries, and won’t be stopping anytime soon!! I focus heavily on nutrition and also on fitness so I’m able to stay lean while winning over 100 challenges per year. I have the most food challenge wins out of all eaters (past and present) around the world and the gap will only grow larger.

    I own and operate which includes a full database of all current restaurant eating challenges available in over 50 countries around the world along with over 100 articles teaching people how to train, strategize, and dominate them all.

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