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    eating the 20,000 calorie octuple bypass burger at the heart attack grill in vegas | beardmeatsfood

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    In the final episode of this series, I’m at the legendary Heart Attack Grill in Las Vegas, Nevada trying to get the better of their infamous Octuple Bypass Burger…

    Now this one isn’t technically a food challenge, in that you don’t get anything for winning, other than 20,000 calories in your belly, a high five and a bit of prestige…but it is without doubt the most requested video in the eight year history of the channel…and in truth not many people have ever managed to get the better of it…so I couldn’t leave without giving it a bash!

    I also got one of their 2,000 calorie butterfat shakes, an IV bag full of wine and a vodka jello shot that you have to throat like a warrior…just for good measure…

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