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    eating all the food @ west chester diner breakfast buffet

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    20 lbs of food? No clickbait here just another Buffet Buster video where I try all the food on the buffet. Today I am at the West Chester Diner for their Sunday breakfast buffet.
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    West Chester Diner, 1147 West Chester Pike, West Chester, PA, (610) 692-9000,

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    Notorious B.O.B.

    Just a guy that loves food and happens to be able to eat more of it than anyone you know. I love to travel and try different buffet restaurants where I eat upwards of 17 pounds (7.7 kg) of food while I review the restaurant. I tell you what I liked and what you should be eating. You can trust a guy that looks like me and eats like I do. I truly LOVE food.