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    dallas texas’s biggest bbq platter challenge cost $200 if failed! joel hansen

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    THE BIGGEST BBQ CHALLENGE?! A true Texas sized barbeque platter! Full of the favorite barbecued meats, such as brisket, ribs, sausage, turkey, pulled, pork, and chicken! Today we are in the DFW area at a restaurant called Crossbuck BBQ in farmers branch, Texas. While the DFW area is not as well known for its barbecue, compared to central Texas, the Austin, Texas area, restaurants like this claim you do not have to leave DFW to get amazing Texas barbecue! For today’s challenge, called the high Crossing barbeque platter challenge, we had 60 minutes in order to get a $200 meal for free! The challenge consisted of a full rack of ribs, a couple pounds of the chicken, brisket, sausage, turkey, and burnt ends and pulled pork! These were considered to be large servings, similar to those available on their website for order across the country. Additionally, we had three sides, which I got to choose mixing both traditional Texas style, and some very unique worldly fusion, this American barbeque challenge was like no other! Can we defeat this giant BBQ challenge? Or Willis Texas BBQ challenge beat us? #TEXASBBQ #BBQCHALLENGE #eatingcompetition #eatingshow #eatingchallenge #eatingsounds #eatingasmr #foodshorts #foodie #fyp

    Joel Hansen

    With video uploads every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday; Joel Hansen is a food influencer and competitive eater specializing in large food adventures, food challenges, eating contests, and restaurant promotions! Joel is Canada’s #1 competitive eater, and holds a number of different food related records, including a Guinness World Record. Joel encourages a healthy lifestyle, not the replication of his video content, and was previously a fitness model.