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    chicken cartel chicken sandwiches | skip it or eat it – ep. 6

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    Are these the best Chicken Sandwiches EVER? Find out as I hit up Chicken Cartel! This place ranks really high on reviews, and it really is a hidden gem, but how will it do with my taste buds on Skip it or Eat it!

    On Skip it Or Eat It, I’m checking out top rated restaurants to see if the hype is real and the food served is as good as the reviewers say. I’ll let you know if you should skip it or eat it!

    *All Food Reviews as part of Skip it or Eat it series are completely unbiased and not sponsored.

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    Furious Pete

    I’m Furious Pete. I post videos about food challenges (burritos, pizza, burgers and more), speed eating, taste tests, food tours traveling around the world in a series called the furious world tour. I also workout a little bit.