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    can i eat london’s biggest burger challenge? #food #burgerchallange #foodchallenge

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    UNDEFEATED FOR 3 YEARS. This is the amigos, monster burger challenge, a large burger, with 50 ounces of beef, halloumi cheese, lots of special sauces, kind of like a big Mac sauce, lettuce, onions, and all kinds of other toppings! You you have 30 minutes to complete the challenge to get the 30gbp meal for free.

    Joel Hansen

    With video uploads every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday; Joel Hansen is a food influencer and competitive eater specializing in large food adventures, food challenges, eating contests, and restaurant promotions! Joel is Canada’s #1 competitive eater, and holds a number of different food related records, including a Guinness World Record. Joel encourages a healthy lifestyle, not the replication of his video content, and was previously a fitness model.