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    can i beat this 8 year record and @beardmeatsfood? ultimate burger challenge, city cafe edinburgh

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    I’m in Edinburgh seeing if I can beat an 8 YEAR RECORD and @Beardmeatsfood of course…

    I headed to the City Cafe to take on their ULTIMATE BURGER CHALLENGE

    This burger literally had EVERYTHING in it…
    – 3 x beef patties
    – 1 BBQ chicken breast
    – 1 Peri Peri chicken breast
    – 2 x Spicy Bean Burgers
    – 5 x Bacon
    – 2 x Pineapple rings
    – Mozzarella
    – American Cheese
    – Guacamole
    – Mushrooms
    – Gerkins, tomato, lettuce etc.

    All served on a dustbin sized burger bun with…
    – Chunky Chips
    – Coleslaw

    FREE if you finish it in 45 minutes, £37.50 if you don’t…

    Beards time was 24 minutes, the record was 16 minutes

    watch to find out!!

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