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    an ice cream challenge which warmed my heart – trenton ice cream parlour

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    James Webb aka J WEBBY CAN EAT visits Trenton Ice Cream Parlour in Trenton, New Jersey.

    A Special Message from James: One of the biggest blessings about my “job” is getting to travel the world seeing new places and meeting new people. Food is the source that fuels the world and unites us all so when I have experiences like I did at Trenton Ice Cream Parlour, – I consider them a privilege.

    Hannah, who is non-verbal and Autistic, created a 3D model of an ice cream parlor for a school project. Hannah’s parents then brought this idea and dream to life and Trenton Ice Cream Parlour, was born.

    This shoppe now offers everything you could possibly want from a boutique ice cream parlor and what better way to showcase it all then laying it out in a J Webby Size Dessert Challenge

    Hannah gave me 30mins to put away this amazing creation of all the Trenton Ice Cream Parlour Menu Favs – a hard bargain but I was determined to do her proud.

    This is honestly one of my favourite challenges on this tour, not only because the challenge was delicious but I left not only with a full stomach, but a full heart.

    Speaking with this family and listening to their story reminded me that all kinds of people make up this world; but we all have the power to impact one another in a positive way, no matter what challenges we face.

    Thank you for having me Hannah & Family Trenton Ice Cream Parlour, – this is definitely a challenge I’ll never forget

    Trenton Ice Cream Parlour
    969 South Broad Street. Trenton, NJ United States
    Instagram: @tiptrenton




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