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    12 minutes to beat the record on a challenge that’s been around for over a decade! | beardmeatsfood

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    Today we’re in Calgary at The Cat ‘N Fiddle Pub, taking on their infamous Mega Burger Challenge…

    Diners get 25 minutes in which to finish a huge burger chocked full of beef patties, bacon, cheese, pickles, tomatoes, jalapeños, lettuce and banana peppers, accompanied by a bowl of poutine. If you can sink it inside the time limit, you get the $60 meal FREE!

    This thing has been around for a decade, but has gone through a couple of iterations…originally the burger was a smidge smaller and the challenge did not include poutine…but the as of right now the all-time record stands at 11.57…so we’re gonna try and claim it…in the spirit of commonwealth solidarity 😉

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